Algee Smith Releases New Single & Video “Girl”

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Algee Smith is having quite the year as an actor, now he heads back to his first love music as he releases his new single and visual “Girl”.

In this track, Algee confesses to his special lady that he constantly thinks about her day and night as he vows to be only committed to her only and leave his past where it belongs.

“All of this second guessing, when I got nothing to hide / What’s the point of the talking, if theirs no changing your mind / Counting up all the questions, you never seem satisfied / How many times do I tell you, girl / I only got you on my mind,” he sings.

In the premiere on Billboard, the actor/singer explains about the single: “It’s about me explaining to this woman in my life that I only have her on my mind.” He continued, “I wrote it, alongside Natt Dunn, because the track just gave us that energy. It felt as if that’s what was meant to go over that type of music. Everything from the cadence to the melody.”

In the visual, Smith brings his creative side out as takes his love life to a comic strip when he is first seen convincing his lady their is no else but her in life when he gets caught up at a party.

Explaining the concept behind the visual he explains: ”

“This video was so great to shoot because it was fun, high energy the whole time. The directors Lex Lewter & Dylan Bergstrom really helped create a visual that makes you want to keep paying attention and I went for this creative because I wanted something out of the box, not just a regular type of video.”

The ATL artist is recently known for his stellar performance as the legendary Ralph Tresvant in BET’s The New Edition Story mini-series, while he is also set to star in upcoming film Detroit.

This single is serves as the lead single for his forthcoming EP LISTEN which he says can drop any day, so as we await the initial release take a listen to Algee Smith’s “Listen”:

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