New Music: Daley – “Until The Pain Is Gone” (Ft. Jill Scott)

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It has been over a year since Daley previewed his duet with Jill Scott to his fans and today he has finally released the official studio version to “Until The Pain Is Gone”.

In this new single, Daley and our Jilly from Philly continue to work at getting the best out of what they have in their current relationship as they realize they don’t want to lose the one they love but will have to move on if they don’t want to make it work.

“So if you need love, say it / I know that you feel it but, I can’t / Keep holding on and on and on / I need to know that I’m the one / Yeah cause I know that you get lonely / So show me the things you’re scared to show me / We can go on and on and on / ‘Til the pain is gone / (‘Til the pain is gone).”

This new personally written song from the U.K. native artist when he tells Billboard: “The song kind of came out of frustration I was feeling in a relationship. The situation was going nowhere because we both weren’t really fully able to admit how we felt about each other and just be honest. And that situation didn’t really work out, but for the purposes of writing this song, I just kind of gave it a happy ending and idealized it a little bit.”

He also went on to talk about the writing process of the track and how Jill got featured on it: “When I was in the studio writing the song, I just had a feeling, and I kept hearing Jill’s voice in the mix when I was writing. It was kind of strange, almost like it was asking for her energy.”

Check out the new soulful single:

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