Demetria McKinney Releases New Single & Video “Is This Love”

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Following up this her first release earlier this year, Demetria McKinney continues to ready her forthcoming album Officially Yours with new single “Is This Love”.

In this single, Demetria is going through the rough patch in her relationship as she and her lover is just constantly arguing non-stop which is leading her to wonder if she has the real thing.

Followed up immediately by its visual, the R&B songstress opens up the video fighting with co-star/director Rob Riley who plays her love interest, then later is seen having flashbacks of all their good times together.

“Don’t you see me trying (trying) / I’m really, really trying (trying) / Don’t you see me dying / I’m really, really dying / Tell me what do I do / To get through to you / To touch your heart again / Start all over again / Tell me what do I say / To get it the way / It was when it was new, with you / Is this love,” she sings.

In the exclusive premiere with HelloBeautiful Demetria explained: “Immediately, I was like “Rob should do this with me. I’ve shot photography with him and his eye is awesome and I thought it’d be interesting to move into a Directorial space with him at the helm. Then I needed a love interest…. I literally called him and asked him to be my boyfriend. He was like ‘Huh?!” I explained the song and we each came with The same ideas for the visual so everything just lined up perfectly. The song demands the ear, the video demands the eye so hopefully it’ll spark some conversation between couples in the good and bad of love.”

You can get Demetria McKinney’s new single on all digital media outlets and streamers now, but before you head there, take a look at her visual for “Is This Love” below:


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