Happy 38th Birthday Aaliyah


January 16th, 1979, was a day that Aaliyah was born. We all remember the day that Aaliyah entered our homes with her very first single, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number”. Her baggy clothes, bandanna tied around her head, and of course those sunglasses is what most people remember about her in that video. She entered the scene with style, grace, and humbleness about her.

The first song that everyone was crazy about, was “One in A Million”. Every radio station was playing that song in heavy rotation all day long.   In this exact album, you can tell that Aaliyah had matured and you can visually see it as well.

As her career went on you start to see her really transforming into a woman and lose those baggy clothes. Her final album, “Aaliyah”, displayed that along with her videos. The music industry never knew that this would be Aaliyah’s final album. Her life ended shortly, but she left her legacy and her music.

Aaliyah had such an influence on her fans and even artists that we hear today.

Aaliyah was “One in A Million”





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