Jam of the Week: Elijah Blake – “When It’s Magic”

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As we dip into the Fall or as we like to say Cuffing season in a few, Elijah Blake is gonna help transition us into it with this week’s Jam of the Week “When It’s Magic”.

Led by a light guitar and heavy bass, Blake senses a special feeling he never experienced before with his lover when they together decide to let their energy takeoff in the steamy track.

“Through the fire and, brimstone / River wide, I’ll go with you / When it hurts, hold me close / Together we, can burst / I can feel your, your energy / Casting in, a spell on me / Don’t explain what we’re gonna do, my love,” he coos.

You can hear this track on the R&B crooner’s latest album Audiology as an Indie artist, which features previous releases such as “Stingy“, “Black And Blue“, “Technicolor” and “Xana White“.

In the premiere of the project via Billboard he went on to explained by he decided to go independent:

“It’s very important for artists, especially for young black artists, to know the power and the freedom that’s accessible to them as an independent artist in this day and age. There are more platforms for artists to be the lead in their own careers. You don’t have to go through 20 people in a meeting fighting over one single. You can’t even get 20 people to agree on what to eat for lunch [laughs]. But I feel freer as I never planned on being a microwave artist. That’s so suffocating. As God told me, you’ve got to go forward and keep pushing. You don’t get to give up.”

Make sure you check out the new album Audiology out now on most digital music retailers and streamers (STREAM).

Take a listen as Elijah Blake guide our week into the Fall Season this Friday, September 22nd with the seductive “When It’s Magic”:

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