Jam of the Week: Mack Wilds – “Stingy”

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It’s been a while since we had a new Jam of the Week, but now back fully to kick off off your new week with the help of Mack Wilds with this week’s JOTW “Stingy”.

In this track, Wilds samples Ginuwine’s “Stingy” as he gets his point across to his lady when he lets her know he ain’t willing to let her go nor share her with another else.

“‘Cause straight up, I’m cuffin’ yo ass off the rip (RIP!) / ‘Cause you got the juice (JUICE!) / So I guess I got the juice like that too / Got a ni**a all on you like a tattoo / And that’s facts boo / Girl, I’m saying you can say I’m trippin’ but I’m stingy…,” he sings.

This song comes off of the actor/singer/model’s latest project AfterHours which features other popular tracks like “Explore” and “Crash”. Along with the EP Wilds also released a series of visuals exclusive on Tidal.

If you have time make sure you check out this AfterHours mini-series until then let Mack Wilds jumpstart you the week when he gives you a taste of how “Stingy” he can be:

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