Jam of the Week: R. Kelly – “Mrs. Santa Claus”

Jam of the Week ,

As Christmas is officially one week away, if you’re aren’t in the spirit by now we’re going to help you get there with this week’s Jam of the Week “Mrs. Santa Claus” off of R.Kelly‘s latest album 12 Nights of Christmas.

In this track, Kellz is giving his Mrs. Santa Claus a special treat for this Holiday as he takes us behind closed doors between the two when he sings “This will be (will be)  / The year I make holiday love to you for, Christmas / And you won’t regret, you won’t regret, baby just let it / Ooo girl just let me unwrap you.”

The Pied-Piper released his first Christmas album right before the season but veered away from the traditional music and gave us his own soulful holiday twist.

The album 12 Nights of Christmas is out now at all music outlets and streamers, but before you head there, hear his special gift to his “Mrs. Santa Claus”.

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