Jam of the Week: Algee Smith – “Back To Love”

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In this week’s Jam of the Week, we’ve decided to let Algee Smith help take us “Back To Love” off of his debut EP LISTEN.

In this popular track, Algee ain’t for having any side chicks or anyone who isn’t ready to be fully committed as he lets his special lady know he wants to take it back to the real thing.

“Okay okay okay okay now / Its gotta be worth the pain / And every tear you shed, was never in vain / So give your love away, give your love away / How we gon’ move forward if we don’t / Take it back, take it back, take it back yeah / We gotta take it back to love yeah,” he sings.

In his debut project LISTEN, the Michigan shows the ups and downs of how a relationship can go but keeps one theme in mind which is his full commitment, appreciation and willing to make it work mindset.

Stay tuned later this week as we will post our exclusive interview with Algee as he talks about The New Edition Story, upcoming film Detroit, LISTEN, the current state of R&B and more.

Until then let his guide your week “Back To Love”:

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