Jam of the Week: Earl St. Clair – “Three Story Home”

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Just a few days ago Earl St. Clair releases his debut EP My Name Is Earl, and today we decided to add on to the celebration featuring fan favorite song “Three Story Home” as Jam of the Week.

In this track, Earl realizes he has made the possible biggest mistake in his life giving up on his lover as he now tries to quickly make up before he ends up all alone

“This house ain’t no home (house ain’t no home) / Whenever she gone (whenever she gone) / These nights can get long (nights can get long) / In my three story home (in my three story home) / I see I was wrong / I guess I’m not that strong (I’m not that strong) / Now I’m all alone / In my three story home (in my three story home),” sings the Alabama native artist.

On the night of his EP release, St. Clair stopped by The Late Night Show with James Corden as he brings the house down with blues filled performance of “Ain’t Got It Like That” (video featured below).

Make sure you check out his new EP My Name Is Earl available now on all digital retailers and streamers!

Check out this week’s JOTW “Three Story Home”:

“Ain’t Got It Like That” Performance:

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