Jam of the Week: Eric Bellinger “Island” (Ft. Tayla Parx)

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It’s been a little over a week since Eric Bellinger released his latest project Eric B. For President: Term 2, today we featured on the fan favorite tracks “Island” featuring Tayla Parx as Jam Of The Week.

In this track, Bellinger brings the theme of this project to its climax as he and his special lady can no longer wait till they reach to the bedroom when he sings metaphorically: “It’s a table for two / You’re what’s on the menu / Wetter than the dishes / Middle of the kitchen
/ We did that, we did that up on the island / We did that, we did that, right on the island.”

Tayla made sure to follow up raising the heat a little higher as she sings “You’re loving the way that my bum bum / Be shaking the shit like a pompom / You know who to call when you need that / I break you up like a Kit-Kat / Only your favorite positions / I serve ’em best in the kitchen / And I don’t need to tips / Long as you bring that ass back.”

Eric went on to discuss the process on his Behind The Music IG feature of this track:

Behind the Music – Term 2: Track 6 “Island” 🇺🇸

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Make sure you get the Eric Bellinger’s newest project Term 2 out now on all digital media outlets!

Now kick off your week with some “Island” vibes:

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