Jam of the Week: Quincy – “I Can Tell You (Night & Day 2.0)

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Last week on Valentine’s Day, Quincy releases his debut EP This Is For You and this week one of its popular fan favorite tracks “I Can Tell You (Night & Day 2.0)” features as this week’s Jam of the Week.

In this track, Quincy decides to reinvent his biological father Al B. Sure’s 1988 hit single “Nite And Day” as he speaks out to his special lady when he sings “Baby won’t you just let me know ( I can tell you) / If I can hit it right after my show ( I can tell you) / I know you love when I take control, girl (I can tell you) / And you say / Please don’t go (Please don’t go).”

Quincy gave Billboard a bit of insight behind him and his father’s relationship and the remake: “I didn’t want to devalue the beauty that is, was, and always will be in (the original),” Quincy tells Billboard. “I’m not trying to present this as the new ‘Nite and Day.”

“Me and my dad, our communication level started to increase. I kind of surprised him with [the remake]. I didn’t talk to him about it like. This is what I wanna do. I just wanted to put my all into it and almost surprised him with it — like ‘Hey, let’s hang out. Let’s go in the studio, I want you to hear some stuff’.”

“It almost came as a surprise,” says Quincy, “so I got to experience a fun, crazy, emotional moment just because he didn’t even know what he was walking into. Thankfully it was of his liking. Because he is the creator of this record and obviously you don’t want to mess with something that you can’t put your all into and I definitely think we created something special. It makes sense for who I am and that being my father, there was no pressure at all. It was almost something that was supposed to happen.”

Listen to this week’s JOTW below:

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