Jam of the Week: Trey Songz – “If It Ain’t Love” (Ft. MIKExANGEL)

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Last week, Trey Songz surprised fans with a new addition to his mixtape series Anticipation III and this week we decided to choose a fan favorite off the mixtape with the track “If It Ain’t Love” featuring MIKExANGEL.

In this track, Songz lets his special lady know that what they have is real and it comes with ups and downs when he sings “Every time we argue, every time we fight / Don’t it feel good when I make it all right? / Girl, you know this all, you know this all mine / You so disrespectful, but it’s all fine / I just started talkin’ ’til she sayin’ nothin’ / I just love to win, yeah, end of discussion.”

As Trey released this new project he tweeted “Glad I got that out the way… on to the next”, which only means the new album is in the works and on the way! Last year, he revealed that this forthcoming studio album will be titled Tremaine and we are to expect the most real album from him ever.

2017 is so far and looking like a damn good year for R&B! Make sure you listen to the rest of  Trey Songz new mixtape Anticipation III.

Now press play as we kick off your week with Trey’s “If It Ain’t Love”:

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