New Music: Kehlani – “Do U Dirty”

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If it’s one thing in life you eventually learn is that everything you love ain’t always good for you. On this Friday the 13th, Kehlani shows us her savage side in new single “Do U Dirty”.

In this single, Lani sends out a warning that loving her will only cause more harm than good as she sings “I know that you will miss me / You liked it when I used to leave a wound / And promise I would come and kiss it / I fed you lies and you just ate ’em up / And I don’t care to do the dishes / I ain’t no wifey, ain’t gon’ hold you down / It’s way more fun to be the mistress / I know I’m not like other bitches.”

We are now only two weeks from the TSNMI Mob boss dropping her debut album SweetSexySavage, and she so far she has given us the Sweet with single “Advice”, Sexy with single “Undercover“, and now followed up with a lil savage.

Listen to Kehlani’s latest single “Do U Wrong”:

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