Listen: MIKExANGEL Releases Debut EP ‘NOTHiN2SOMETHiN’ 

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You may have heard him on a few of Trey Songz tracks or even seen him on tour with him but his time MIKExANGEL flies solo on his debut EP NOTHiN2SOMETHiN.

The rising artist kicks off the 10-track project addressing his tough journey to get where he is today thus far then heads into the love his has for the ladies but just doesn’t seem to be able to commit.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the 25-year old explained: “This project is so special to me because ‘NOTHiN2SOMETHiN’ is really a mirror of my life right now. I started singing in the church as a kid, mass choirs all around Virginia. One year ago, I was working at Starbucks and Amazon and now I just got off tour with Trey Songz! Trey and my manager Mu have been in my corner throughout this process and the support system I have around me is incredible. I’m blessed to have a platform now through 300 Ent to deliver MIKEXANGEL to the world!”

Let us help introduce you to MIKExANGEL as you get to know him more in depth with his debut EP SOMETHiN2NOTHiN below:

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