New Music: Chaka Khan – “I Love Myself” Feat. B.Slade

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The iconic Chaka Khan makes her return as she releases new single “I Love Myself” featuring B.Slade under her own new record label iKhan Sounds.

In this track, Chaka and Slade join forces to promote self-love and empowerment that’ll lead us to learn about our true selves and reach our full potential.

“I love me (Finally) / I love me (I wasn’t born this way) / I love me (I wasn’t born this way) / I love me (But I finally got here) / I love me (To know me) / I love me (Is to love me) / I love me (To know me) / love me (To know me),” she sings.

If that ain’t enough Chaka for you, upon the release of the single the Queen of Funk also went on Instagram to preview the teaser of the official video which is due June 30th.

As we wait till that day comes, join Chaka Khan and B.Slade and say “I Love Myself”:

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