New Music: Guordan Banks – “Baby Girl” & “Crossover”

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Rising artist Guordan Banks has returned making his mark on 2017 with not just one but two new songs for us with “Baby Girl” and “Crossover” to jumpstart our weekend.

In this first track “Baby Girl”, Guordan took us back to the good ‘ol days with this old-school feel-good vibe as he lets the lady in his life know that he appreciates all that she has done and promises to treat her like the queen she is.

“You are my world, you’re so precious, you’re my baby girl / Place your head on my heart, ’cause you’re my baby girl / Everything that I wanted and more / You are my baby girl, my precious baby girl,” sings the Philly native.

In the second track “Crossover”, Banks gives a special lady friend a hand as he sheds light on her negative situation when he lets her know he is here for her whenever she’s ready to get ‘put on’.

“If you’re ready (I’ll put you on) / I will, I will put you on (I’ll put you on) / You’re tired of those lames and those games, when you ready to change baby, I will / Put, put, put you on / If you’re ready to crossover baby / Are you ready to crossover baby?,” he sings.

No word if these two new tracks are off of Guordan Banks forthcoming debut album UNPOPULAR which is said to be currently in the works to be released later this year.

Until then listen to his two new release:

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