New Music: Guordan Banks – “Dear Friend” Feat. Sonyaé Elise

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As rising artist Guordan Banks prepares his forthcoming debut project as he continues to treat us to some new music as he releases the new Sonyaé Elise assisted heartfelt track “Dear Friend”.

In this latest release, Banks tries to continue to make it work and make sacrifices until he reaches his breaking point when he decides it’s better off if they move on as he hopes they can become friends in the future.

“All those times I’ve tried for you / Thought that we would make it through, through / Sacrificed my life for you / Look at what it had to come to / Come to / Had it all / Had it all / We coulda had it / We coulda had it / We coulda had it all,” he sings.

Sonyaé looks to save the relationship as she looks back and to see how far they have come and doesn’t want it to go to waste when she responds: “All that up and down and back and forth we went through just to get it right for the night / Damn, all the years of trying, b*tches calling, babies crying, tried to get it off your chest.”

This new release follows up the Philly native’s two previous surprise tracks that he dropped earlier this year “Crossover” and “Baby Girl”. Though he’s been relatively quiet so far this year he has been keeping us on toes with these new releases all leading up to his debut album to be titled UNPOPULAR.

Until then listen to Guordan Banks latest collab with Sonyaé Elise on “Dear Friend”:

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