New Music: Jhené Aiko – “Hello Ego” Feat. Chris Brown

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We may have gotten a little early sneak peak of this end of last week but Jhené Aiko releases the official version of her latest single “Hello Ego” featuring Chris Brown.

In this track, Jhené kicks off the single touching on her personal issues and her journey becoming the breadwinner taking care of her family and how it leads to a chain effect of major life decisions in her life.

“I’ve been chosen, I’ve been chosen / And I know you noticed it / I got that potion, hocus pocus shit, yeah / ‘Cause I got these vic-good and verses / For all these bitches you hurt when / You told ’em, you fuckin’ with me / I know that you fuckin’ with me / I’m not these regular hoes / You like these regular hoes,” she sings.

Breezy had to keep the flow going as he addresses his personal problems along with showing how far he has come when he sings: “When I got out back on their ass with a number one hit / Hoes ain’t loyal, know these bitches, they ain’t shit / It’s me that can’t keep a relationship / You can lose your mind, in a glass house / I’m too high and pass out / I done been up down, up, up, back down/ I won’t break down,” he sings.

Just a little over a week ago, the R&B songstress made her return with new single “While We’re Young” as she kicked off the promotion of her forthcoming sophomore album which is said to be released later this year.

Now check out Jhené Aiko and Chris Brown’s later collab “Hello Ego”:

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