New Music: Kehlani – “Undercover”

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2017 is starting off with a bang for R&B, as Kehlani heads “Undercover” in her fourth released single off of her highly anticipated debut studio album SweetSexySavage.

In this single, regardless of what anyone thinks Lani is still gonna be there for her forbidden  lover as she sings “You know they don’t wanna see us together / But it don’t matter, no, ’cause I got you / Anytime you’re under the weather / Babe we can always go / If I gotta pull up on you, on the east side / In the late night, in a disguise.”

This single follows up her previous “Advice” that the TSNMI Mob leader released last month, as she wraps up her project and awaits the released coming in the next few weeks Jan. 27th to be exact. Lani isn’t wasting time as she’s prepping for the SweetSexySavage World Tour kicking off next month February 21st in Montreal, Canada.

You can pre-order Kehlani’s debut album SweetSexySavage on iTunes and you’ll get all four of her released singles instantly but before you head there, see why she has to head “Undercover”:

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