New Music: Keyshia Cole – “You” (Ft. Remy Ma & French Montana)

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Keyshia Cole makes her return as she is officially fed up with her lover in new single “You” featuring Remy Ma and French Montana.

In this single Keyshia is over the bullsh*t as she lets her lover know he’s messing with the wrong one as she sings “You just played me for the last time / I’m done f**king with you / Keep coming with the same lines / Everything but the truth.”

As Cole expresses how she truly feels about her current situation she has back up from Remy when she raps “Now I look at it like owww, that something light hun / I’m happy that its over yeah you only had a slight run / I can be a fowl bitch f**k your whole life up / I might spend the night with your bro out of spite cause you a f**k ni**a.”

Later, French holds it down for the fellas as he raps “But you a thot selling box on the back page / Sitting, reminiscing, way before I started tripping / About what he said and she said / But I ain’t having it, your game weak like seven nights / Coming with the same lines like Trump’s wife.”

This single is said to be Cole’s lead single off of her forthcoming album to be titled 1111 Reset to be released later this year. Here’s what she had to say about the forthcoming album: “I wanted to put [1111] on the album because it’s been everywhere,” she said. “For the past year, I’ve been seeing 1111 constantly and to my understanding, you’re aligned spiritually with your destiny and everything that is meant to be in your life is happening at the right time. The timing is right. Everything is right. Reset is definitely cohesive with that.”

Listen to Keyshia Cole’s new single below:

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