New Music: MAAD – “Touch Me” (Ft. Ro James)

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Rising artist MAAD gives us a new retro sensual single “Touch Me” just as she teams up with grammy-nominated artist Ro James.

In this single, the two NYC based artists look to have a late night and early morning as their mellow vocals grace against the electric guitar when they sing “Touch me baby, give it to me / Touch me baby, do it / Touch me baby, give it to me / Put your back into it / I need you to touch me / I’m craving you right here next to me.

Here’s what she had to say about the concept behind this new single: “‘Touch Me’ is one of the first records I recorded for ‘Lé Funk’ with TheVAMP. The vibe and energy of that song helped mold the sound of my upcoming project. I really wanted to create something that felt gritty and sensual at the same time. I’ve always been a fan of music that takes you on a journey and feels retro. Ro is a long-time friend of mine so it was easy writing on this with him and I really love what he brought to the track.”

This single follows up her hit single in 2016 “90’s Love” which is both said to be on her her forthcoming EP Lé Funk.

Until then listen to her latest duet with Ro James:

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