Listen: Maurice Moore Drops Two New Tracks “Just 2” & “Scars”

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As Maurice Moore continues his weekly series Sunday Gems, this week (June 4th) he decides to bless us with no just one but two tracks as he releases “Just 2” and “Scars”.

In the first release, “Just 2” Moore decides to pick up the tempo in the groovy whistle-led beat when he lets his lady know he ain’t like the rest of them guys she dealt with before as he promises to talk less and show more action.

“Look into my eyes / Don’t look away this time / You need to reunite / I gotta place in mind / When you look into the night / Tell me do you feels that / Tell if I’m way too late / For you babe / Yeah, I work hard just to love you / Baby there is nothing new to say,” he sings.

Following up with the second surprise release, the Canadian native artist opens up as he lets us know all that he has been through to get where he today as he shows off his “Scars”.

“I been through a lot / That shit I don’t talk ’bout / Like covering baby sister ears, when pops was punchin’ the walls out / But I remember grade six, sit in class writing poems / Momma working two jobs, never home she was tryna stay strong,” he raps/sings.

These two releases follow up the debut track of his series Sunday Gems when he dropped the Kehlani-assisted “Awesome”.

As we await to see what Maurice Moore has in store for us next Sunday, take a listen to his latest release “Just 2” and “Scars”:

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