New Music: R.LUM.R – “Close Enough”

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After taking the music world by storm with his 2016 hit “Frustrated”, R.LUM.R is ready to make his mark on Summer ’17 as he releases new single “Close Enough”.

In this track, R.LUM.R gives us various sounds throughout the production when he tries to hold onto something that is doing him more harm than good as he has to learn to let go.

“You come, you go / Whenever you please, whenever you need to / You stay, cause you know / It’s hard for me, to disagree, with you / I wanna let you go, but keep you close / I wanna quit you cold, but overdose / I wanna mute you loud, in stereo / I need this distance to be, close enough,” he sings.

In the exclusive premiere with Billboard the rising artist explains:

“Sometimes we want something to work so badly that we’re willing to go looking for any one ray of light that’ll hopefully dispel the overwhelming shadows in a relationship. You get to the point where you try to focus so much on that light, that it blinds you, and you disregard all the darkness around you that’s doing the same. It’s about someone realizing that denial, and is trying their best to work through that cognitive dissonance, between what they feel and what they think needs to happen.I’m hoping to highlight that mental state on ‘Close Enough,’ so that you don’t ever have to put yourself through it.”

You can catch him performing his new single live on Jimmy Kimmel on August 2nd and on the rest of his tour which includes a few international dates as well, check out HERE for dates and locations.

Along with the release of his latest track, the Tennessee native artist announces his debut EP AFTERIMAGE set to drop August 11th available for pre-order on HERE now, which features previous releases “Frustrated” and “Love Less”.

As the countdown to the release of his debut EP starts, take a listen to R.LUM.R new single “Close Enough”:

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