New Music: TLC – “Haters”


TLC continues to add more fuel to their highly anticipated final album as they remind us to always keep our heads up and ignore the “Haters” in their new single.

In this new single, TLC discusses the topic of bullying and constant negativity going on not only in person but on social media, as they remind us to brush it off because they’ll always be there.

“So don’t you listen to a word they say / They gonna keep on talkin’ anyway / Only thing that matters / That you need to know / You’ll only find it in your heart and soul,” they sing on the chorus.

This is second single that the legendary group released following up the feel-good Snoop Dogg-assisted single “Way Back” off of their forthcoming Kickstarter-funded project.

Upon the release of this new single TLC went on to release the official tracklist of the forthcoming final album as well as making it available for pre-order on iTunes.

1. No Introduction
2. Way Back feat. Snoop Dogg
3. It’s Sunny
4. Haters
5. Perfect Girls
6. Interlude
7. Start a Fire
8. American Gold
9. Scandalous
10. Aye Muthafucka
11. Joy Ride
12. Way Back [Extended Version] Feat. Snoop Dogg

Listen to their new uplifting single “Haters”:

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