WOLFTYLA Opens Up In New Release “Crash”, Interview With REVOLT’s ‘The Drop’

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After releasing the fun single “You Ain’t Sh*t” in March, rising artist WOLFTYLA opens up about some of her recent personal experiences in new release “Crash” produced by Prezident Jeff.

In this track, TYLA goes deep as she references her previous struggles with clinical depression and the downward spiral it can lead you to if you don’t take full control of your life and eliminate the negativity of all those surrounding you.

“And I’m crashing down / I’m falling, I can’t breathe and now I’m blacking out / I’m falling, I can see it, my life flashing now
(my life flashing now) / Because of you / I’m crashing down / I’m falling in emotions and / I’m drifting in this opening / Voids again / Sinking in,” she sings.

Upon the release of the 4-minute song, she also went on IG with a short yet powerful message to those who don’t know her story and those who could possibly be going through a similar experience, where she hopes her story can help save lives.

Within the same week, the NYC native sat down with REVOLT‘s The Drop with an in-depth interview about her becoming a social media star, depression, being a music artist, and more (interview featured below).

Before you check out WOLFTYLA’s latest interview, listen to her new single as she prevents self-destruction when upon the “Crash”:

REVOLT’s The Drop Interview:

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