New Music: Wolftyla – “You Ain’t Shit”


Upcoming artist Wolftyla has officially hit the fed up stage in her relationship when she just let’s go all of the BS and negativity in latest release “You Ain’t Shit”.

In this track, Tyla realizes her partner is untrustworthy and it only brings her to this conclusion when she sings “Playing with fire just ain’t you / All of your bridges they burned too / Most of your connects and all your n**as you be swearing is your bros f**k with me / They don’t f**k with you and / You can’t deny it / Don’t even try it.”

This is the NYC native has been making some noise in the past, mostly known from Vine/Twitter but is more than just a character and a pretty face. We hope to hear more from her as an artist this year.

Until then check out her new song:

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