New Music: Ye Ali – “Big Body Benz” Feat. Eric Bellinger

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Two collaborations in only a few months, Ye Ali and Eric Bellinger is spoiling up as they follow up their previous collab “Loyalty” with new release “Big Body Benz”.

In this Bizness Boi and Th3ory produced track, Ye and Bellinger both ain’t for being fronted on it’s either you riding with them or if not it’s your loss cause they will make sure they continue to shine no matter what.

“When I’m out in my city / Spending cash like I’m Diddy / Don’t call me later on / When my sound is the shit / And they know I’m on my shit / I’ma pull up pull up like skrt / Like skrt / Big body benz pullin’ up at the valet, like skrt / Skrt skrt,” sings EaZy E.

Ye follows up on the same agenda but giving one more chance when he sings “Pull up, I gotta show in the valley (valley)/ Let’s work it out like pilates / Still writing sound about ya’ / Babygirl you know I’ma kiss it / I’ve been on you for a long time / You know I ain’t tryna kick it,” he sings.

This is the latest track off of Ye Ali’s forthcoming EP Passion & Patience which is due later this year.

Until then check out his latest collab with EB below:

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