New Video: August Alsina – “Lonely”

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August Alsina is sick and tired of being alone as he works on changing that by calling his lucky lady in the new trippy video for latest single “Lonely”.

In this video, August opens up with him being in a phone booth calling his girl letting her know how he really feels, then later goes into his local grocery store and that’s when the loneliness starts affecting him.

As Alsina goes through aisles he sees his face on multiple cereal boxes and runs into some strange customers and workers as he randomly sees them grooving when he sings “When I call your phone tonight / I better not have to call twice, girl / ‘Cause you be playing games I don’t like / That’s the type of shit I don’t like, girl.”

This latest single is off of the R&B crooner’s forthcoming albumĀ Drugs releasing later this year, including his previous singles “Drugs” and “Wait”.

Check out his new video below:

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