New Video: Dreezy – “Wasted”

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Dreezy is stuck between a rock and a hard place as she’s dealing with the effects of her partner fighting alcoholism and it’s only tearing them apart in new video “Wasted” co-starring G Herbo.

In this video, Dreezy’s man has taken too many shots and she’s has given him too many shots as she is over it all and is ready to move on when she sings “Drowning in your liquor / Found you in your feelings / Telling me to come and get you / Say, don’t bring nobody with you / I feel so emotional / Oh, waste of time loving you / Waste of time loving you.”

This is one of the Chicago native popular singles off of recently released album No Hard Feelings.

Watch the fed-up Dreezy end up with someone who really loves her in new video “Wasted”:

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