New Video: Jay Sean – “Do You Love Me”


Dropping his return single “Do You Love Me” last month, Jay Sean jumpstarts the week with the fun and social media inspired visuals.

In this new video, Sean is the DJ at this massive house party where he touches on the topic of social media addiction on apps like Snap Chat, FaceBook, and Twitter even when at a lit function like the party they are at when he tries to get the attention of his love interest.

“I know you turnin’ those heads when you’re out at night/ And you know I’m all about it / Like to stay outside out of my ride / Way too many thoughts, it’s crowded / Hold me up, let it drink, let me grind now / Let me sip the pain ’til I pass out / These girls are all fake diamonds / And yeah, you know I got the real thing,” he sings.

Upon the release of the video the British native artist explains: “This video is very different from all of my others,” says Jay Sean about the video concept. “I wanted to create a conversation about our growing obsession with social media and how it takes over everything in our lives. This story is about a girl who can’t get past her own phone even in the middle of a lit party. The love affair is with herself…reflected by the phone and all the social media platforms she uses every day.”

This single serves as his first through his new label Sony Music, watch how Jay Sean looks to kick off Summer in new video “Do You Love Me”:

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