New Video: Kevin Ross – “Don’t Forget About Me”

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Just two weeks ago, Kevin Ross released his debut album The Awakening, today he follows-up with the release of “Don’t Forget About Me” visuals.

In this video, Ross hits the Los Angeles streets late at night, playing on a piano in the middle of the street as he lets out all the emotions he’s been holding back when he belts out how he truly feels about that special someone he wants back.

“Don’t you forget about me / I’ll call out the second I’m free / Tryna be all that I can be / I only hope you can wait / They saying just stop fooling yourself / But I can’t live with that yet / What if she found someone else,” sings the R&B crooner.

The Motown signed explains: “One of our biggest fears in the human experience is the thought of being forgotten. I created ‘Don’t Forget About Me’ to defy that emotion. Fear can either hinder us from living or propel us to our highest zenith… I choose the latter. God Bless.”

Kevin Ross’s debut studio album The Awakening is out now everywhere from in-stores, digital media outlets, and streamers!

Before you head there, check out his new video below:

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