Musiq Soulchild Drops Official Videos For “Start Over” & “Simple Things”

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After dropping two gems for us towards the top of the year (2017), Musiq Soulchild returns with a two in one treat as he drops the visuals for “Start Over” & “Simple Things”.

In the first visual “Start Over”, Musiq gets the do-over of a lifetime he has been waiting for as he shows he’s truly committed when he takes his love interest out on a night on the town.

In the premiere via Billboard he explains:

“‘Start Over’ is something like a ‘what if’ scenario. Everyone has their own ‘the one that got away’ story, maybe they or you found someone else, maybe too much time has passed, maybe for whatever reasons things just didn’t work out. Now imagine for a moment you had the chance to try again… how would you ‘Start Over?'”

In the second visual “Simple Things”, the R&B crooner realizes the woman he’s with is in it for the finer things in life he can offer rather than the real him as he ends up finding one who does appreciate the little things.

For this video he explains:

“‘Simple Things” is about waking up, breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, eating good food, having a comfortable place to sleep, spending time with people who make you happy, and instead of stressing over things you don’t have, just remembering to be grateful for what you do.”

Both singles are slated to be featured on the Philly native’s forthcoming album Feel The Real set to be released September 15th, which is also available for pre-order HERE.

Until the release of his upcoming album, watch as Musiq Soulchild tackles two of the most important lessons in a relationship with “Start Over” and “Simple Things”:

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