Stream: Eric Bellinger Release ‘EBFP: An Acoustic Experience’ EP

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In Eric Bellinger‘s previous EP Eric B. For President: Term 1, he showed fans his versatility in the hip-hop driven project. He decided to reinvent it acoustically as he shows that he is an R&B artist first in his new EP EBFP: An Acoustic Experience.

In this 8-track EP, Bellinger takes away all of the instrumentals and leave the tracks with just his vocals and his guitar, as he transforms this song into soothing melodies.


As Eric present the project to his fans via IG, he also took the time to address about our newly inaugurated President Trump and the uproar it’s been causing in America:

The R&B crooner was also recently seen taking part in Ne-Yo’s forthcoming album which is currently in the works, as he has decided for the first time in his career to collaborate with various songwriters.

Now without holding you up any longer, we present to you Eric Bellinger’s Acoustic Experience:

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