Stream: Eric Bellinger Releases New EP ‘CANNABLISS’

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Eric Bellinger couldn’t make us wait till 4/20 anymore as he the releases the new inspired EP CANNABLISS a few days early so we can get a head start on the vibe.

In this 5 track project, Bellinger gives us vibes for all scenarios from lighting up with the ladies to the crew as the project features rising artist Candice Boyd as they take “Flight” to cloud 9 in the second track along with The Game assisted  “Blazin Wit The Bros” which he released a few days ago.

Upon the announce of the surprise early release the R&B crooner explained via Instagram: “Decided to drop the project a lil early so y’all could start vibin & gettin ready for Thursday!!! It’s available now on every platform. Marijuana has a really dark cloud over it for some reason… I happen to love everything about it tho lol With the worldwide holiday, 4/20 approaching I wanted to do something in attempt to help erase the negative stigma attached to it. My idea was to create a free project about cannabis that everyone would love. Especially the stoners!!! Lol A project so good that people would enjoy it even if they didn’t smoke. A project so vibey, so smooth, so mesmerizing, so relaxing, so hypnotizing that the energy embedded in the sonics of the music alone would subliminally relieve stress & cause the (responsible of age) listeners to feel high, effortlessly entering them into a state of CANNABLISS.”

Earlier this year, EaZy released the second installment of his Eric B. For President with Term 2 featuring popular tracks like “Make You Mine”, “Treat Yourself” and more.

This time Eric Bellinger decides to do a little something special for his fellow medicinal herb users in new project CANNABLISS available now on all digital media outlets and streamers:

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