Stream: MAAD Releases New Passionate EP ‘LÉ FUNK’

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MAAD is ready to bring that 50s and 60s inspired funk back into your life, as she releases her new EP LÉ FUNK.

In this 7-track EP, MAAD teams up with her longtime production collaborators theVAMP, where she displays her various sounds as well as vocal range where she shows though her style might be retro she’s here for today!

The project includes previous releases singles starting from two years ago with the tempting and teasing “Sweet & Low”. Rolling into last years (2016) “Black Ice” where the NY native warns you how dangerous being in a relationship with her can be. Then following up later that year with the type of love we wish to have someday with that “90s Love”. Reaching up to this year’s (2017) latest release, when she taps Ro James in the sultry and steamy duet slow jam “Touch Me”.

MAAD’s new EP LÉ FUNK is available on all digital media outlets and streamers today!

Check out the full project below:

Premiering the project, MAAD gives a brief interview with Highsnobiety:

What is LÉ FUNK?

“I was in the studio with a close friend of mine and we were brainstorming ideas for creating merch with the words ‘LÉ FUNK’ on it. At the time I was working on my EP, so I told him that it had to be the title. It felt so fitting with the music and vibe of the project, and once it was in my head I couldn’t turn back.”

What’s the inspiration behind the project?

“I wanted to create a project that felt like the music I love and grew up listening to. I have to thank my parents for surrounding me with a dope array of music. I remember coming back from dance class on the weekends; we’d listen to artists like Sister Sledge, Chic, Donna Summers & Luther Vandross. It was important to me when creating this EP to give people a feeling of happiness and good vibes. I think of my music as an escape. I can only hope it does the same for others.”

What do you love about soul and funk?

“It’s a feeling. I love how soul and funk just really never goes out of fashion, it just feels so timeless.”

How do you bring that sound into the present?

“I think getting into DJ’ing and working with producers who love the same type of music I do plays a huge part. I feel like with LÉ FUNK we’ve discovered a fresh approach to a retro vibe.”

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