Stream: Mila J Releases New Project ‘Dopamine’

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Valentine’s Day she gave us MILAULONGTIME and in less than two months Mila J follows up with new surprise project giving fans a dose of Dopamine.

In this 13-track project, Mila touches on the many honest emotions she’s been feeling lately as she opens up setting the tone with “No Fux” along with the previous released track “F**kboy” and one collab on “I Do Love You” featuring I Rich.

Along with the new project, for those who purchased it on iTunes also received a special gift from the LA native as she gifts them 3 music videos for opener “No Fux”, “New Crib”, and “Move”.

Recently Mila J read Daniel Levitin’s This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, where she found a bit of inspiration behind this new project. She explains to Essence. “It really broke down how our brain reacts to music, what’s released when we hear a song, and why we like certain music. Dopamine is that chemical that’s released when things just feel good. It is that favorite song and that favorite band. And, I just feel very happy and very free.”

Dopamine is available on all digital media outlets and streamers now! Make sure you get it from iTunes so you can check out those three videos.

Take a listen to the album below:

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