Stream: Tayla Parx Releases Debut EP ‘TaylaMade’

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From writing for some of your favorite artists, Tayla Parx looks to kickoff her solo career starting with the release of debut EP TaylaMade.

In this 20-track project, Tayla tells us her journey thus far at only 23 years young filled with many diverse sounds influenced by genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop, EDM, Reggae and more.

Throughout this EP you will see contributions from artists Syd (Of The Internet) (“Act Right”), Khalid (“Runaway”), and Chiiild (“South Beach”), as they help her tell her story.

In the premiere release on Billboard the singer/songwriter explained:

TaylaMade came at a time when I was least inspired to write a story that wasn’t my own. I’m 23 and I’ve written for most of the people I look up to and found that I’ve helped them tell their stories, but I still had so much to say from my perspective in a completely unique way.”

“I was always an artist — just happened to be able to write as well — so transitioning is really just a mentality. Now I approach the studio as fun versus work and let whatever comes to mind flow out.”

“Acting was a world I fell into at a very young age. After Hairspray, my life spun into a whirlwind of sets and auditions to the point where I needed to take a break for a while to get back to my original love: music,” she says. “I met the middle ground when I started voice-over, because I was able to act in a studio and still work on music. Now that I’m a little older and focused, I think the balancing act is becoming a lot easier with my team.”

Now let Tayla Parx get you TaylaMade for the weekend with her new EP available on all digital media retailers and streamers:

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