SZA Releases New Single & Video “Love Galore” Feat. Travis Scott

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After a teaser in an NYC show, SZA finally decides to give fans what they’ve been waiting for a ss he releases new single and video “Love Galore” featuring Travis Scott.

In this single, SZA first starts off the thankgod4cody and Carter Lang produced track talking about how much is done with f*ckboys as she is fed up with her current situation when she later ends up going back and forth with her conscious wondering why she can’t resist him even with him having a woman at home.

“Acting like we / Wasn’t more than a summer fling / I said farewell / You took it well / Promise I won’t cry over spilled milk / (Ooh no, I won’t) / Gimme a paper towel / Gimme another valium / Gimme another hour or two / Hour with you,” she sings.

Travis follows up in the second verse responding back as he spits, “Let me c*m inside ya / Let me plant that seed inside, yeah / A** and t**ies, ti**ies / The only thing that stuck with me, with me / Only thing that was real / Only thing I could feel, you feel me? (feel me) / So why you bother me, why you bother me? / Tryna catch a P.O.V (tryna catch a P.O.V, nah).”

In the Nabil directed visual, the Top Dawg Ent songstress prepares to give rapper Travis Scott the time of his life giving him some a using a hint of bondage tying him up to the bedframe as she teases him until she realizes this is wrong leading to things going downhill for him.

This single follows up SZA’s previous “Drew Barrymore” which was released towards the top of this year, both set to feature on her forthcoming project CRTL which is due later this year.

Until then check out her new single and video “Love Galore”:

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