SZA Reveals ‘CTRL’ Release Date, Discusses Album

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A few weeks ago, SZA released her new single “Drew Barrymore” off of her highly anticipated forthcoming album CTRL.

Today the R&B songstress announces the release date to her project where some songs will be pertaining to her real life experiences, which is set for next Friday February 3rd.

During a recent interview she had with Billboard, she gives fans an insight on her journey and inspirations to making the album, as well as her experiences with working with Rihanna on Anti:

Sleepaway Camp
“I [wrote about] my younger life, which was haphazard: being at ­sleepaway camp away from my parents, being the only black girl, not even noticing until I got older, dealing with boys, self-hate, growth and God. It’s the first time I’m literally writing about my life instead of figuratively writing about it.”

Listening To Her Own Voice
“One time I met my boyfriend’s boss and he said, ‘Let’s see what this music is about.’ I don’t listen to my music on my own, and when I pressed Play, my voice was so quiet! There were no emotional moments. It felt boring. I was like, ‘OK, I need to exercise in letting go.’”

Recording “Consideration” For Rihanna’s Anti
”She wanted to work with me, and I played some jams that I was working on for myself, and it went from there. Rihanna doesn’t give a f— about anyone around her. She’s in her own space at all times. But she’s not rude — she’s comfortable. As a shy person, that was something cool to witness.”

Getting Notes From Rick Rubin
“I had this mentality that ‘more is more’ — more reverb, more background [vocals]. I played him a bunch of songs, and he would tell me, ‘The more you take away from any piece, the more room you create for everything else to be beautiful and grow.’ I never felt that before, the editing urge. Once you strip everything down, you’re forced to say something.”

In addition of another great year to come for the 26 year old, actress Drew Barrymore showed her love for the singer and he lead single named after her via Instagram:

#loveit #fromparis @justsza

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