Tone Stith Releases New Song & Visual “Get It Right”

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Our 2016 Artist-To-Watch Tone Stith hard work is looking to pay off, as he shows his gratitude to all that has contributed to his success with new release “Get I Right”.

In this single, Stith not only shows off his amazing range of vocals but also discusses the ups and downs he has faced in his personal life and how it has taught him to appreciated his special lady as he caters to her

“See you’re the goddess for this / But you don’ made me change my wish / All I’m up to now is just a phase / I know you don’t got no time to play games, girl / Had to get it wrong, just to get it right / Had to get them other girls off my phone, just to get it right / Told you I’ll buy you anything that you want, lets just to get it right / If I’m wrong, Im’a get it right,” he sings.

In the visuals, Tone shows his journey as a grinding from a rising artist from late nights and early mornings in the studios to practicing dances movies with his crew for the upcoming tour to learning from established artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR.

This release follows up the sultry “Back 4 More”, the rising artist toward the top of this year, as he continues to prepare for his forthcoming debut project California 70 which has yet to have a release date.

Though no official release date of the debut project, the South Jersey native artist joins August Alsina on his upcoming Don’t Matter Tour kicking off end of this month (July

Until then check out Tone Stith as he sends his appreciation with new release and visual “Get It Right”:

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