Trey Songz Premieres ‘Tremaine The Playboy’, Single “Nobody Else But You”

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Not April yet but Trey Songz sure did fool us as we realize he turns his fake reality web-series dating show Tremaine The Playboy as a campaign for his forthcoming album Tremaine.

In the first episode of his false reality dating web-series, Draya and Steelo Brim introduce a few of the contestants as they later let his mother (April Tucker) and brother (Ruski) answer if they think he will find love.

As the episode goes on Songz is seen in a what it looks like to be flashback sneaking into his bed from a night out as his special lady catches him and questions where he was and what he was doing.

Later, the R&B crooner goes into present time as he attends a day party and mingle getting to know all of his contestants.

From there, Trey drops his brand new single “Nobody Else But You”, as he responds back to his former lady’s allegations when he sings “I can’t even lie, and you got me fallin’ / Even when I try, and the game keep callin’ / While we in the club, while I’m always ballin’ / Tryna be in love, we don’t fall too often / It’s hard to fall, but you got me fallin’ / Even when I try and, the hoes keep callin’.”

As the first episode premieres Trey lets us know that the reality dating show is clearly fake and he release hit forthcoming album Tremaine release date, dropping next month March 24th!

Stay tuned next week for episode 2 as Songz will be dropping a new single!

Pre-order his forthcoming album today on iTunes, and get new single “Nobody Else But You” instantly:

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