Trey Songz Releases New Song & Video “Playboy”

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Trey Songz keeps his promise with new content weekly,  as this week as he gives us a slow jam in his new song and video “Playboy” from his second episode of Tremaine The Playboy.

In this single, Trey is started to get tired of living his player lifestyle and would rather settle down when he sings “I’m feeling all kinds of pressure / My momma wants another grandchild / Can’t say I’m not making the effort / But these women keep calling me out / I guess I’m losing this battle / Oh, I’d be trippin’.”

Last week, Songz discussed in his recent interview with The Breakfast Club and show us in his first episode of Tremaine The Playboy that the show isn’t real and is intended to promote his forthcoming album weekly until the initial (March 24th).

Tremaine is available for pre-order now on iTunes and you’ll get the latest releases instantly including “Nobody Else But You”.

Check out Trey Songz new episode of his web series along with his new song and video below:

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