Trey Songz Release New Song & Video “Animal”

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Trey Songz lets the “Animal” out the cage in new song and explicit video on this week’s episode of Tremaine The Playboy.

In this video, Trey picks up where he left off in his previous video but this time he sets up a game of strip poker with a few more ladies as the party size grows which leads to them dance and getting intimate as the night gets young.

“I go ape up on the donkey (throw that a**) / I be throwin’ this banana all around (sheesh) / Put my face up in the monkey (my mask)
No umbrella but the rain is pourin’ down / Kill the kitty, no lion / Big mon, I’m a well up in your sea (for real) / Got your body flyin’, oh / No you feelin’ like a dove, give me love,” sings the R&B crooner.

This single follows up his previous “She Lovin It”, “Song Goes Off”, “Playboy”, and “Nobody Else But You”, featured on his forthcoming album Tremaine releasing next Friday (March 24th)!

Make sure you pre-order the album on iTunes now and you’ll get the recently released tracks instantly.

Now watch Trey Songz take you to his private jungle-fever party:

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